Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (2024)

This delicious, flavorful sweet potato cheese is firm and sliceable. It’s slightly similar in taste and texture to Daiya but less expensive and is made of commonly available ingredients.

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Cheese could possibly be the worst amongst the animal-basedfoods. The health, environmental, and ethical consequences are enormous … and so totally unnecessary.

“I’d go vegan but I just can’t give up cheese!”

How many times have we heard this argument? Most people find dairy cheese tasty and creamy. And why not? It’smostly fat and salt, which evolution has ensured we humans find appetizing. But did you know that dairy contains chemicals that are mild opiates? No kidding. We can literally become “addicted to cheese.”

The Problem(s) With Dairy Cheese and Why Plant-Based is (Way) Better

Chloé Jo Davis, the founder of Girlie Girl Army and a vegan mama who’s nursed for 8.5 years, says, ”I find dairy to be the biggest offense we make against animals. Keep them pregnant/ steal their babies/ don’t let them nurse, and then steal their milk? It’s asinine and vicious. If anyone actually saw the mechanisms they put on the calves noses to keep them from drinking their Mama’s Milk, they’d go vegan on the spot – or should. Going dairy-free is the easiest of all vegan switchovers, anyone who needs help can always reach out to me.”

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Most importantly, the animal ethics issue is a big one when to comes to the dairy industry. Dairy cows and their babies suffer horribly for both milk and cheese. What most people don’t know is what Pamelyn Ferdin talks about in her essay, Every Glass of Milk or Slice of Cheese Supports the Veal Industry. I drive past a dairy farm regularly and the rows of veal crates are a heartbreakingreminder that it’s not just the cows that are harmed.

Health, Tho

Not only is dairy cheese unkind, but it’s also incredibly unhealthy. Not surprisingly, all dairycontains copious amounts of cholesterol and trans fats. It may also contain a variety of contaminants, ranging from aluminum to intestinal bacteria and parasites.

Thankfully, there are lots of yummy vegan options that don’t hurt anyone … including yourself.

Store Bought Vegan Cheese

There are a lot more choices today than when I went vegan 11 years ago. The soy cheese I ordered from my food co-op left a lot to be desired.

Chloé Jo says about commercially available vegan cheeses, “Treeline and Dr. Cow cashew cheeses are truly divine. Simple, clean, and tasty – plus protein packed. I’m psyched to try my friend Josh Kather’s new cheese coming out called Rind Affleur. I love Chao for a grilled cheese, and Miyoko’s for a Caprese! I do end up buying lot’s of Daiya since I have 3 kids who want a ‘cheeseburger’ here and there.”

Another Vegan Activist and Mom

Marisa Miller Wolfson, longtime vegan and film director of the documentary Vegucated, says, “When I actually did give up cheese in 2002 the vegan options were very limited. Now, though, there are so many excellent options that you don’t have to miss it anymore. I currently have a delicious stash of Miyoko’s cheeses in my fridge. They’re so tangy and creamy. They remind me of European cheeses I used to spread on good bread at my grandmother’s house in Germany growing up.”

Marisa is a mom as well. She says, “My son loves Treeline classic cashew cheese on crackers, and my daughter wants Daiya’s shredded cheeses on everything. It’s super kid-friendly and our go-to cheese for birthday party pizzas. I’m really excited to try the new gourmet RIND cheeses created by my friend Joshua Katcher and Dina DiCenso.”

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For me? I love vegan cheeses! Miyoko’s is a favorite for me and lots of other vegans I know. I’m also all over the Daiya cheese, which is getting easy to find. Vegan Gourmet from Follow Your Heart is delectable, too. However, vegan cheeses can be hard to find in some areas. The prices are pretty reasonable for plant-based cheeses, though, with Daiya running about $5 for an 8 oz pkg and others are in that price range as well.

As delicious as those are, and I highly recommend them to anyone desiring a plant-based cheese, I wanted to make my own.

DIY Vegan Cheese

Most vegan cheeses made at home use nuts, and are delicious. Some of us (ahem,me) don’t digestnuts very well. The cheeses I’ve seen so far without nuts use agar to make them firm. Agar is made from red seaweed. I’ve got nothing against seaweed, either. I love Nori. But there’s something about agar that just immediately sets off my gag reflex.

So, my quest was for a vegan, nut free, agar free, but also firm and sliceable cheese. With a few failures under my belt, I finally came up with something close towhat I was aiming for.

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This vegan cheese is fairly simple to make and results in a firm but reasonably melty product. Plus, the sweet potato makes it just a little bit sweet, which I love.

Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (5)

Sweet potato cheese takes a little bit of attention, but not really that much time. The coconut oil helps make it firm and sliceable once it chills for a bit in the fridge.

Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (6)

And finally, it passed the taste test with flying colors. and was deliciousness in a grilled cheese.

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Sweet Potato Cheese

This vegan and plant-based cheese uses commonly found ingredients and is easy to make!

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook Time 10 minutes

Chilling Time 3 hours

Total Time 20 minutes



  1. Line a small bowl, loaf pan, or tub with plastic wrap and set aside.

  2. Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and process for 2-3 minutes until very smooth.

  3. Pour the mixture into a heavy saucepan. Heat to a simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce to medium and stir constantly for about 4-5 minutes until very thick and stringy.

  4. Pour into the lined bowl and cover with more plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

  5. Slice and serve.

Chloé Jo Davis

is the founder of GirlieGirlArmy.com: Your Glamazon Guide To Conscious Living, an award-winning vegan site that’s been around for 25 years. She’s often in the media and in print espousing her funny-girl-with-a-bone-to-pick expertise in conscious living, eco style, veganism, animal rescue, sustainability, attachment parenting, and breastfeeding.Regularly featured on radio, print, and tv discussing her favorite lines, tips, and musts, Chloé lives with her husband, rescued pets, and 3 boys under 8 in NYC.

Connect withChloéat:

Marisa Miller Wolfson

is a food activist and vegan who has organized roughly 70 grassroots workshops and screenings of award-winning documentaries about healthy, humane, eco-friendly eating all across North America. She’s the writer and director of the 2011 documentary Vegucated and, in my opinion, a fantastic cake decorator!

Connect with Marisa at:

Get Vegucated

Facebook.com/Get Vegucated

Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (9)

Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (10)

Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (11)

Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (12)

Lisa Viger Gotte

Hello! I’m Lisa, a vegan artist, photographer, author, Vegan Life Coach Educator, and RYT 200 yoga teacher. I love showing others how simple and delicious a plant-based diet can be. I draw and paint, cook, write, take lots of pics, eat lots of chocolate, and practice gratitude daily.

Sweet Potato Cheese Firm Sliceable DIY Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Recipe (2024)


What are the ingredients in plant-based vegan cheese? ›

What Ingredients Are in Vegan Cheese? Vegan cheeses are 100% animal-free and made using vegetable proteins. Usually, they're made from soy; nuts, such as cashews and macadamias; and vegetable oils, such as coconut oil. You can also find cheeses that derive from agar, tapioca, peas and arrowroot.

What is the process of making plant-based cheese? ›

Vegan cheese is made using a similar process, but it starts with plant-based milk, like soy or nut milk. A bacterial culture is added to separate the proteins in the milk, and it's often supplemented with oils, emulsifiers, and thickeners, like tapioca, pea flour, arrowroot, or agar, to achieve a cheese-like texture.

What's the best vegan cheese for melting? ›

With a whopping 10 out of 10, the Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour is one of the best rated vegan cheeses when melting is considered.

How do they make vegan cheese taste like cheese? ›

Nuts, such as cashews or almonds, are often used as they contain a lot of natural fat that gives a creamy texture once blended. Many brands also use a vegan lactic acid to add the tang and umami that gives that quintessential cheese flavour.

What are three dominant ingredients in vegan cheese? ›

As vegan blog Wag Free Food notes, coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut cream are popular ingredients to make vegan cheese. The high-fat content of coconut makes it easier to create a creamy, decadent, cheese-like product.

Is vegan cheese the same as plant-based cheese? ›

Vegan cheese is a category of non-dairy, plant-based cheese analogues. Vegan cheeses range from soft fresh cheeses to aged and cultured hard grateable cheeses like plant-based Parmesan. The defining characteristic of vegan cheese is the exclusion of all animal products.

Why doesn't plant-based cheese melt? ›

But when heated, the stable mixture softens rather than melts because there are no casein micelles to create this stretchy slip n' slide. “You will never get the same kind of texture and taste as dairy cheese,” Ismail says.

What is the best vegan cheese in the world? ›

North America
  1. #1 Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella. Miyoko's Creamery.
  2. #2 Creamy Original Chao Slices. Field Roast.
  3. #3 Boursin dairy free Garlic and Herbs. Boursin.
  4. #4 Just Like Mozzarella Shreds. Violife.
  5. #5 Dairy-Free Parmesan Shredded. Follow Your Heart.

What cheese is the hardest to melt? ›

Acidity: Some cheeses are also too acidic to melt well, like paneer, feta, and ricotta. These are generally cheeses that were curdled with acid rather than rennet. They're often great cheeses for grilling or frying, because they hold their shape even when heated.

What cheese is vegan but real? ›

1. Miyoko's Creamery: This brand offers a wide range of vegan cheeses that taste like real cheese, including mozzarella, cheddar, and brie. Their vegan mozzarella is great for making vegan pizza, and their cheddar can be used for mac and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Does any vegan cheese actually taste like cheese? ›

Dairy-free cheese, also known as vegan cheese, is rapidly getting popular as a delicious substitute for typical cheese. Even though there is no dairy, vegan cheese has the same creaminess, texture, and taste. So, it goes perfectly with pizza, pasta, tacos, and anything you add cheese to.

Why does vegan cheese taste sour? ›

Updated a year ago. As a rule, freshly fermented cheese tastes slightly sour after one day. If it has become very sour after a short time, you may have used too much starter culture or your container is in a very warm place.

Why is vegan cheese so expensive? ›

The production of vegan cheese can be costlier than that of traditional dairy cheese due to the higher prices of plant-based ingredients and the additional processing steps involved.

Are plant-based cheese healthy? ›

Like regular cheese, vegan cheese can be part of a healthy diet when used in moderation — but it's best to avoid highly processed options. However, not all vegan cheeses are created equally. Some versions are highly processed and have less nutritional value than others.

Is plant-based cheese healthier than dairy cheese? ›

Not only is vegan cheese much more healthy for animals– as it doesn't require an animal hooked up to machine to produce– our cheeses benefit from lower saturated fat, zero cholesterol, and more. The Lower %DV of the Nutrition Stats, Between Each Dairy Vs. Vegan Flavor, Have Been Bolded for Ease of Review !

Is plant-based non-dairy cheese good for you? ›

At the present time, non-dairy cheese alternatives should not be considered as a nutritional replacement for dairy cheese. In our experience, the products based on cashews alone were found more commonly to have the highest protein levels and lowest sodium and saturated fat levels.

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