19 Easy (Real Food) Instant Pot Recipes for Hesitant Beginners (2024)

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19 easy instant pot recipes for beginners using all real food ingredients. Now you have no more excuse – go forth and become an instant pot expert! I believe in you!

19 Easy (Real Food) Instant Pot Recipes for Hesitant Beginners (1)

It’s the last week of Instant Pot July, and it’s been an awesome month of talking shop about our favourite new tool: the magical Instant Pot. In the months leading up to this, I really fell hard for my IP, and now declare it to be my most valuable small appliance in my kitchen. It’s just so darn convenient!

Since I get asked so frequently, here are the models thatI recommend:

The one I have: Instant Pot Duo80 7-in-1 8qt for families of four or more, especially if you like to batch cook, or even just cook once and eat leftovers for a few days. (My sanity is 100% reliant on tactics such as this.)

The smaller, 6qt version if you have 3 or less people in the household, or if you hate leftovers: Instant Pot Duo60 7-in-1 6qt.

But friends – I’ve had my Instant Pot for seven months now. If there’s one thing I’ve heard over and over again from others in regards to their IP, it’s the fear of getting started! If you’re a newbie who’s hesitant about taking the plunge, welcome to your official hand-holding as you finally dive in.

The Instant Pot can seem intimidating, to be sure. It’s big and scary, and unless you’re already used to a stovetop pressure cooker, using it will mean learning a brand new cooking technique. I know how overwhelming that can feel.

Which is why it’s a darn good thing it’s pretty much idiot-proof.

And I say that with as much love as possible. If *I* could figure it out, anyone can! (Says the creative-minded writer with ZERO natural ability in the concrete/hands-on/kinesthetic/technology world. And yes, a kitchen appliance with buttons counts as technology, ha!)

Whetheryou just got an Instant Pot recently, or you’ve had it sitting there for months staring at you intimidatingly, or even if you’re already on your way to IP expert status, here is a compilation of some of the best basic recipes that are super easy to make in your shiny Instant Pot BFF. (Or soon-to-be BFF, anyway.)

First, a few words of advice fromothers. Go read these articles, and then come back and pick a recipe from the list that sounds good to you.

THEN MAKE IT. Today. Like, now.

I know you can do it – I believe in you. *Insert motivational cat poster, sappy believe-in-yourself pop ballads, and my best cheerleader impression.* (And apologies for that last one. It was obviously unhelpful, and I should have predicted that.)

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19 Easy (Real Food) Instant Pot Recipes for Hesitant Beginners (2)

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There you have it! 19 super easy Instant Pot recipes for beginners that you can easily add to your repertoire to start feeling like an IP rockstar. After this, you’ll be well on your way to Instant Pot expert.

Now – go forth and fall in love with your Instant Pot. It’ll love you right back and you’ll both live happily ever after.

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Happy cooking!

19 Easy (Real Food) Instant Pot Recipes for Hesitant Beginners (3)

19 Easy (Real Food) Instant Pot Recipes for Hesitant Beginners (2024)


What should I make first in my new Instant Pot? ›

When it comes to breaking your Instant Pot in, it's a good idea to start with some basic foods and simple meals you're already familiar with, then slowly expand your Instant Pot repertoire from there. Try making staples like eggs, sweet potatoes, rice, or lentils using just the pressure cooker function.

What foods should not be cooked in an Instant Pot? ›

In fact, there are a handful of foods that just shouldn't be pressure-cooked. Among them are dairy and fried foods, as well as burgers and steaks.

Is there anything you can't cook in an Instant Pot? ›

In general, seafood such as fish, oysters, shrimp, muscles and clams are just too delicate for pressure cooking and slow cooking modes. They are foods that are meant to be cooked quickly at just the right temperature, which is hard to do with an Instant Pot.

Is Instant Pot good for beginners? ›


Some of the simplest (and useful) Instant Pot recipes for beginners include those using a single ingredient or just a handful of foods and steps, such as: White or brown rice. Boiled eggs. Quick and easy soup.

Why potatoes should not be cooked in pressure cooker? ›

Mostly we boil potatoes in a pressure cooker, but like rice, potatoes also contain a lot of starch. This is the reason why boiling or cooking in this pressure cooker is not considered good for health. If you still plan to use cooker for the same, add a lot of water and wash them thoroughly post cooking.

What is the best meat to cook in a pressure cooker? ›

You can still pressure cook leaner pieces – like eye of round and top sirloin – but these work best if they've been stuffed, shredded or rolled (with other ingredients). Best cuts of beef to use: Chuck steak, Round Roast, Shoulder, Pot roast, Ribs, Brisket, Oxtail.

Can you overcook meat in pressure cooker? ›

Steam penetrates food easily under pressure. So connective tissues in cubes of beef for soups or stews soften in 15 minutes or less, and a pot roast will be medium-rare in 30 minutes. Be sure to follow instructions carefully; at this speed, it's easy to overcook things in mere minutes.

Why did Instapot go out of business? ›

“In particular, tightening of credit terms and higher interest rates impacted our liquidity levels and made our capital structure unsustainable,” Mr. Gadbois said. Instant Brands said in a statement on Wednesday that the new financing would allow the company to continue paying workers, vendors and suppliers.

Why does Instapot say burn food? ›

The Instant Pot's burn message simply means that your Instant Pot has detected that its inner pot has gotten too hot. There may be a slight amount of burned food at the bottom of your pot, but not enough to ruin whatever you're cooking.

Do Instapots make meat tender? ›

The pressure cooker can tenderize the most stubborn cut of meat and turn tough chewy fibers into gelatin, but a few wrong moves can turn meat into a shriveled tasteless lump. Here are my do's and don'ts for getting the most flavor out of your pressure cooked meat. DO brown or broil it.

Are Instant Pots safe to eat from? ›

Are electric pressure cookers safe? Yes, electric pressure cookers like the Instant Pot are generally safe and easy to use. The Instant Pot has so many safety mechanisms (PDF) built in that it's hard to make a catastrophic mistake. In general, if you follow the safety instructions, you should be good.

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